What is Property Registration and Why Property Registration Is Mandatory ?

Property registration services in Hyderabad is one of the crucial and most sought service that our property law firm furnishes to our respected clients. There are various complexities that are existing in the process of registration of property which we at Juris Legal Services have had witnessed since years and We are proud to have supported more than 2000 clients by providingthem fast, cost-effective and exceptional property registration service in Hyderabad. We are the leading and infact one of the most respected lawyers who holds in-depth expertise for registration of property.

We at Juris Legal Services are experts delivering Property Registration Services in Telangana. Property Registration is process for transfer of title and ownership of the property from previous owner to thecurrent owner.

Property Registration establishes the legal ownership of property and create legal rights in the favour of purchaser of property. Registration of property creates legal record in department of registration. It avoids duplication of records and enters the name of owner/purchaser of property in the records of the government.

Registrationof Property is mandatory as per the Section 17 of the Indian Registration Act 1902 and as per Section 54 of the Transfer of Property Act 1882. On the contrary in the light of section 49, if property document is not registered it will not convey the title and rights to the purchaser and possessor of the property. Unregistered property doesn’t have any existence in eye of law is unrecognized in eye of law.

It is important to note that Unregistered Property doesn’t guarantees or establishes any legal rights in the favour of the possessor and purchaser of property.